Help with coincident planes and marked Freestyle Line Edges.

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Help with coincident planes and marked Freestyle Line Edges. Empty Help with coincident planes and marked Freestyle Line Edges.

Post  Zachary1234 on Sat Apr 15, 2017 12:34 am

The Blender 3D model file I need help with is publicly hosted.

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I've assembled an interpolated Animation model, which has a somewhat unique features issue.

For all the objects in my model, I have applied zero thickness modifiers.

A)  Via the Animation Timeline, if you go to <frame 380>, you will get to my first problem.
I have a similar kind of problem again at <frame 480>.
It even exists partly underneath the model too, at frame <522>.

I need planes to coincide, as well as possessing marked freestyle line edges, to be upward
detected with priority to the plane which is moved, pivoted, in.  Sometimes these planes
should cover view to a previous plane, sometimes it won't and sometimes it will
part cover and part not cover an "underneath" plane, or a previous such combination of planes.

B)  I also have the acute angle, freestyle marked edges problem (coincidence) bug happening between
frames <560> and <580>.

A generic script could be programmed, to include any objects, be they meshes or NURBS surfaces,
to in fact ray cast reflect from the lights, to the model points and back to the camera, to avoid this acute angles problem.

There could also be a new implementation of layers, allowing an infinity of layers and not just 20, to contain and prioritise
the stacking of planes (one inside each such layers), to be considered consistently for rendering, even when the planes
coincide.  Note that the same individual material reference is handed around all my planes in my model.

Is there someone who can help with my problems A) and B) at all, please?


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