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I need your advice Empty I need your advice

Post  walid1961 on Wed Oct 19, 2016 4:23 am

Hi ,

If is that possible I need your opinion in my situation. I am an Architect since 1986, I am from Syria, because of the ware There I was forced to come in Germany. In my age was very difficult to find work here in Germany, I mean to work like an Architect in a Company. I've always been fascinated CG, so I decided to go freelancer in CG, I have modest prior experience in Arch-viz.
Now I am learning Blender and I need your advice to find my right way in the market. I mean in which area is better to specialize ؟ Arch-viz - Character modelling - Environment modelling - Film - etc. Which area is more profitable in the market now a day and which one had more demand in the market. What you think also about the demand on 3D printing area. I am waiting your advice while it is so difficult to make this decision.

Many thanks in advance



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I need your advice Empty Re: I need your advice

Post  Chapel on Sat Oct 29, 2016 5:47 pm

Hi Walid!

In my humble opinion, you need to figure out which area of expertise you are best at. Focus on that and improve your skills in that area. Once you know that, you'll know where to seek job-options and you can concentrate on developing your 3d-skills. Almost all major companies present their projects in 3D. So I guess it all depends on your own expertise.

cheers and good luck

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