Freestyle Line detection problem.

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Freestyle Line detection problem. Empty Freestyle Line detection problem.

Post  Zachary1234 on Thu Aug 04, 2016 7:55 am

-I have an issue to do with Freestyle line detection in an animation model I've done.
While I've finished everything else, I can't get either freestyle edges or faces to render properly.

I'm using 64 bit Windows Blender 2.77a.

I've taken to producing two versions of my project, one marked with Freestyle Edges where needed,
the other marked with Freestyle Faces where needed.

I have a situation where I have planes coinciding with other planes.  All of them are given
the one identical material object reference.

I have even taken to remarking my model, cancelling freestyle edges and marking freestyle faces. While this
eliminates the problem in my top frame image here, it does not eliminate my problems in my lower frame image.

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[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Trick is, is that with these coinciding planes (which I can't avoid, if I want to maintain equivalent
thicknesses for my animation), if I need to use Visibility mode to regard the vision "side" of my model.
However sometimes it doesn't include edges that it should.  Oddly enough, it also does differently
in parallel, on screen simultaneous circumstances.

-Is there something I can do in an interpolating animation to have all my "camera side visible", equivalent,
edges rendered in correct Visibility mode, (in image or animation, Blender Renderer mode), in all places
or my animation?  I can't find any settings combinations that help me.  Is there even a plugin for this
"problem place"?

-Is there a way to upload my .blend file to this post, or some appropriate way to communicate it
if really necessary?


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