editing on curve channel reverts back when file is closed and re-opened

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editing on curve channel reverts back when file is closed and re-opened

Post  Scooter2 on Mon Apr 11, 2016 10:53 pm

Good evening,
I have curve that had a path animation that I modeled and linked into a file that I needed to edit the properties of the path animation.  I made it proxy and then local  "objects  and data".  When I key frame the evaluation time and get the object moving like I want, then close the file and re-open the evaluation time key frames are reverting back to the original and I also cant delete the channel to try to fix it.
Any ideas on how to make it completely editable?   Please let me know.

I have been messing with it some more and the "path animation properties" are still linked to and update with the original file even though they look local in the file the path is linked into.  I have not figured out how to break that link.

I have made test files and found that I cant link the path in and make it local and use it, but I did find that I can append it and use it.  However, that does not work in my actual work file for some reason.  Any ideas?

The only way I could make it work was to append it, then copy it, then make that one local.

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