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Post  Zachary1234 on Sun Sep 20, 2015 11:57 pm

-I am trying to enable an image background for my f12 render,
but the rendering won't put it in.
I have got the image showing up in my modelling area when I go "view through the camera" mode.
When I use the numerics options, which pop up via the <n> key, I can go to the "background
images" option. Is there an easier way, without using the compositor,
to have my background image (from every view) appear in my <F12>

-Is it possible to use a non-curved lattice in order to have blender calculate
to an object with curved edges and surface, relative to such a lattice, without just
constructing my objects directly from Nurbs Surfaces, Nurbs Curves straight lines/beziers?
How can I in basic terms do some of that, with a lattice and my outer
object both remaining?


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