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BnBGobo99 Update - Farewell Empty BnBGobo99 Update - Farewell

Post  BnBGobo99 on Sat Aug 22, 2015 4:54 pm


I just wanted to stop in and thank you all for being my friends for the past six years, and to let you know what my future holds.

My wife and I gave birth to our first child after 16 years of marriage.  The delay in having a child wasn't by choice, so this baby is truly a miracle for us.  My wife suffered a heart attack a few days prior to giving birth, the heart attack actually accelerated the birth day, but thankfully both are okay.  My wife still has frequent pain from the heart attack and is still being cared for at Walter Reed, but she is improving in health and condition each day.  It has been four months now, and I think we are nearing full health soon.

We also received notification that we'll be moving soon to my final duty station before I retire.  Once I retire I plan on getting a MS/PhD degree in a biology field and returning to the Mid-Atlantic region.  I dropped art as a hobby a few months ago, and honestly I feel much better for it.  I've recovered a huge amount of time, which has allowed me on caring for my family.

I think this message is more to say goodbye... I'll keep this account open as long as BWorld is hosted, so I'll be accessible via PM.  Most of you have my direct email address, so feel free to send me a line!

I've enjoyed growing with all of you as creative folks and as friends.  I wish you all the best as we continue on our journeys.

- Mike

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BnBGobo99 Update - Farewell Empty Re: BnBGobo99 Update - Farewell

Post  Yodaman921 on Mon Aug 24, 2015 9:03 pm

Mike, I wish you the best on your future endeavors. I hope this isn't a definite farewell, but rather a so long for now. Maybe in 20 years if things have settled down you may find more time on your hands for projects; but no rush. Very Happy

Like always, you know how to reach me if you ever want to talk. And I think it's only proper I leave this here:

Again, best wishes

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