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CG Animation Short Idea. Empty CG Animation Short Idea.

Post  Spartanis on Tue Apr 21, 2015 9:13 am

I have an idea that been in my head for nearly 3 years.. and i failed to get started on it and then have it finised by april 25 (which is this weekend).

An Idea is a proper CG animation short, on the topic of 100 years since world war one.

Since its exactly 100 years on April 25th on our (Australian and New Zealand) involvement in the Great War (Gallipolli campaign) I wanted to create a short to give the feel of about it. But everything happened so fast i forgot to plan it out and get onto it a few years ago!

But rest assured, there's still a chance to create something. and the deadline is November 11th, 2018.

The CG short Animation Idea:

We see a young woman sobbing, in the arms of her Father... then she opened her hand to prevail the telegram. The camera focus on that hand, where a Poppy flower appears. The Camera floats upwards .. following the Poppy flying upwards and outwards ...

As we fly with this one poppy, other poppies joins in from all places...

We finally arrived in France, at the western Front, The camera looks down towards the muddy fields, seeing the fallen soldier in the mud. the poppy floats down towards the stilled hand....

the hand closes, and the eyes of the soldier opens... looking at his hand.. All the while.. other soldiers appears to be running backwards.....

time gradually flows slowly...then all time stood still..

then time flows forward... we see the poppy and the hand from the fallen's point of view..

and the scene gradually darken to a black screen

a caption appears "Remember.... "

Of course, this story doesnt have to be so, it can be changed and rearranged to give the maximum effort of getting the point across. Any one is more than welcome to participate in this.

Could we do this ? As a team? Newbies and Amateur alike?

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