Animators needed (Smash Bros animation)

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Animators needed (Smash Bros animation)

Post  Smashbrother on Thu Jan 15, 2015 3:54 pm

A group of friends and I are working on an animated version of Super Smash Bros.
This is a huge undertaking and group effort, between myself and several others. We're looking for 3D animators/artist to round out our team. We have most of the 3D models done, we have someone working on sound/ scoring the show, the scripts are done and we have voice actors. We want to make one episode and see if it's something we'd want to continue from there.

We'll be utilizing a render farm for this and we're planing on using mocap for the project, so if you've never worked with it nows your chance.

This is a great opportunity to add something cool to your portfolio as of course you'll be credited for your work
This will be a darker take on the franchise and we're shooting for getting this done by the summer.
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