Man of Steel (Blu-Ray Review)

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Man of Steel (Blu-Ray Review)

Post  BnBGobo99 on Sat Jun 21, 2014 4:03 pm

So, about me: I watch movies in the movie theater. I watch special features at home. Rarely do I watch the movie more than once or twice--there are special movies out there that have repeat value ("Christmas in Connecticut", the Star Trek films, "Too Many Husbands"), but for the most part I'm usually only interested in the special features. Note: many times Netflix sends out a disk sans-special features. <supersadface>

The "Man of Steel" Blu-Ray case has two Blu-Ray disks--one for the feature film and one for special features. This was a happy surprise because most of the time the special features are fitted onto whatever space is left over (which for Blu-Ray is still quite generous).

There are actually only two special features (there might be more on the main feature disk)--but the two on the special features disk are doozies:
1. Planet Krypton: A History-channel quality show featuring background information on the planet Krypton. This "show" features a ton of turn-tables and concept sketches relabeled as "artist rendering" images drawn for the show post-movie timeline. There was considerable thought put into the written language used on Krypton, which as a linguist myself I got a kick out of. This show also seems to be setting the stage for Batman vs. Superman.

2. Journey of Discovery: Creating “Man of Steel”: This feature runs along side the movie, but you only see the movie for probably 15 minutes or so--the rest of the time they cut away to show you the making of, talk to the vfx or production crew about how that particular scene was rigged and shot, among other cool discussions. What I always hate when you watch special features is having the actors talk about the vfx. They always say "yeah, it was hard, you know, because I'm working for like 12 hours in the heat and I'm looking at this tennis ball on a pole and I have to act with it and, you know, that is the challenge of being an actor and some actors can't pull it off and I'm really thankful for the director for believing in me enough to show that, yeah, you know, I can pull this off, because I'm, like, a real actor, you know." In this special feature they actually spoke to the real people who worked on the modeling, rigging, physical effects, etc.

This is on par with the special features on "Surf's Up"--which actually showed you the Maya screen with all the rigs and explained what each of the handles did and how they rigged it all up. Man of Steep edges out actually because of shear length--you have the full movie length +more of special features that are actually useful to watch.

Movie: 3
Special Features: 4

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Re: Man of Steel (Blu-Ray Review)

Post  Xraygunner on Tue Jun 24, 2014 2:46 am

Hmmmmm.... just re-watched that again today (wife and kids are away) and still haven't managed to look at that! Will have to do that now!!

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