Edge of Tomorrow (Movie Review)

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Edge of Tomorrow (Movie Review)

Post  BnBGobo99 on Thu Jun 05, 2014 10:29 pm

Edge of Tomorrow was a good movie--on par with Captain America and a bit better than X-Men.  The story was original even though it's being compared to a particular comedy from the 90's.  The less you know about the movie walking in the better.  If you haven't seen the preview, don't.

Bottom Line Up Front: It's a worthwhile watch in the theater just for the original take on a classic pattern.  If you watch only a few movies a year, this is a good one to use it on.

From a graphics perspective, the CG was good in certain places, okay in others, and lazy in some (particularly compositing).  Overall I give the graphics and cinematography a 'B-' -- the weakest of the summer blockbusters so far.

Practical effects and props were used heavily in this film.  I have a feeling this either was because the director didn't feel confident in the 3D departments, there were too many cgi shots and some of the heavy lifting needed to go (which would explain the large number of studios working on this film simultaneously), or the director wanted a realistic look.  This was both good and bad, as it made the cg composites easier to spot but it made the interactions between cast and props much more believable.  I follow Tom Cruise on Twitter (along with 20 million other folks), I think he's one of the nicest celebrities, and he replied to one person's question (which in itself is unique, even if it is a PR person doing the Tweeting--most celebrities only send out or reply to other celebrities) saying the suits were 100 lbs--which makes running around on the sand as much as they did in this film that much more impressive.

Check out the color correction board on the left.  This will allow post-production to adjust white balance and color correction to pre-set adjustments, as well as help the cgi department composite 3D and 2D elements blend in better.  Above it you can see the reflection and diffuse probe.

One thing that was a bit distracting is the shutter speed.  When you film objects close and you need to do a quick pan with a global shutter you lower the shutter speed to blur the items more or increase the frame rate (which isn't always an option, since playback has to be in either 24 or 48 fps).  With a rolling shutter featured on our Nikon D3200s, we should avoid fast pans for nearby objects as much as possible otherwise we get diagonal stretching.  There were several scenes where they panned too fast and the frame rate couldn't keep up--causing a "stuttered drive by" and taking you out of the movie experience.

Overall, the original story line made up for the visual deficiencies.

Edge of Tomorrow:  Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Laughing Neutral (four out of five with extra points for some humor) [New Scale (see below): 3.5 out of 5]
Better than: X-Men: DoFP, Jack Reacher
Worse than: Oblivion
As good as: Captain America 2 (CA might has the upper hand on graphics and destruction, but EoT has an original story)

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Re: Edge of Tomorrow (Movie Review)

Post  BnBGobo99 on Sat Jun 07, 2014 4:52 pm

I updated the post above.  Advice still sticks for watching this in 2D rather than 3D--the frame rate just isn't there for a successful post-production 3D conversion.

I think I'm going to adjust my rating scale to base it on what I consider "good" and "bad" movies:*

5 Stars - "Best"
These are movies that will stand the test of time and offer a special story.
Recent: "Tangled", "Paperman"
Past: "Paths of Glory", "Winchester '73"

4 Stars - "Great"
These are movies that are among the best at the moment but may fade after time, great but not the best for whatever reason, or they were really good for their time but reliance on old technology or techniques makes them a bit dated to truly get into.

Recent: "Inception", "Frozen", "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty", "Captain Phillips"
Past: "You Can't Take it With You", "The Shop Around the Corner", "Arsenic and Old Lace"

3 Stars - "Good"
These are worth watching at home or in the theater if you have some free hours and $20.  This rating could also include great hits from yesterday that have become less applicable to our modern lifestyle.

Recent: "Gravity", "X-Men: DoFP", "Captain America 2", "Hunger Games 2"
Past: "Christmas in Connecticut", "Too Many Husbands", "A Slight Case of Murder" (All three of these are great funny films and worth watching)

2 Stars - "Eh"
These are films that you won't miss anything if you don't watch them.  For older movies, this rating may include critically-acclaimed films that (despite all the lavish praise) are a chore to watch because they are either too artsy, too slow, or try to make a political comment that was probably applicable during the McCarthy era or something.

Recent: "Noah", "Pacific Rim"
Past: "Citizen Cane", "Lawrence of Arabia"

1 Star - "Nah"
These are films that you will miss something if you don't watch them--the time you wasted watching them.  This rating also includes the movies that make you mad because they are condescending, crass, or just bad.

Recent: "Winter's Tale", "Monuments Men", "Godzilla"
Past: "The Apartment", "The Rope"

0 Stars - "No."
These are films that should not have been made.

Recent: "Blended", "The Nut Job", "The Last Airbender", "In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale"
Past: "A Clockwork Orange", "Battlefield Earth", "Catwoman"

*Again, this rating system is just how I see it.  You may have thought "A Clockwork Orange" brought thought-provoking insight into how "the man" controls people all while enlightening your mind while graphically depicting one of the most heinous acts a human can commit to another while ruining the joy you had in a memorable song from a great movie while wasting your time.  Or maybe you liked "The Last Airbender", you know... it had great acting.


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