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Post  Scooter2 on Sun Mar 09, 2014 5:08 pm

Good afternoon,
does anyone know why when I render one frame with the timeline setting start and end same frame I get 8 .exr files that appear to be the same frame and are large 100 meg and then one smaller .exr file of the same frame of 7 meg.
When it renders, it appear to be only rendering the one frame as expected and if I open the files, the appear to be the same. Is .exr supposed to do that? Which am I supposed to use?
The files look like:
01_intro_020089.exr   the smallest file and the folder the 02.blend file is in 01_intro

I notice the number of samples matched the number of 02.blend_scene.exr files and that Full Sample was on in the Anti-Aliasing. I turned it off and get 02.blend_scene.exr and 01_intro_020089.exr. So, is it really supposed to save all those when it is on, and which file is a person supposed to use when all scene renders are compiled back into the sequencer to make a movie?

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