Story Telling Practice - Story Cubes

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Story Telling Practice - Story Cubes

Post  BnBGobo99 on Sun Aug 04, 2013 2:03 pm

I bought some Story Cubes a while ago, and I thought they would make a good short-story-telling practice to help keep our creative juices flowing during times we can't .blend much.

I'll just list three dice instead of the nine that come in a package.  Roll one of your dice three times and get the corresponding numbers.  Then write a short story connecting all three things.

Side Die1      Die2     Die3
1      Tree        Bee        Lightning
2      Pyramid  Bridge     "The Law"
3      Eye        Abacus   Arrow (pointing kind)
4      Rainbow Book      Cane
5      Letter     Wand      Alien
6      Castle    Moon      Phone

Here's my go:
Pyramid, Bee, Lightning

I bought a brand new Nikon D7100 with a large sensor to help me take those amazing nighttime shots of the stars moving across the sky.  At first, I had little success, since learning the proper balance of ISO, ambient light, and aperture.  Some times I would have a good shot but could only stay out for 30 minutes and get only a little bit of star-streaking.  Other times I'll purposefully camp out in the wilderness overnight only to find that the photo was ruined because of light bleeding from the iPad I was reading for a few hours just off camera.

After time, I got better and more skilled.  I made some of my images into web stock art, gifts to friends and family, and I even sold a few prints.  My big break was when my local high school approached me about affixing my camera to their sub-orbital package that would be attached to a weather balloon and sent to the edge of space.  By now my camera was nearing it's 6,000 shot limit and would become bricked, so I agreed.  The resulting image was spectacular--a clear curvature of the earth, deep black sky with thousands of points of lights, even a lightning storm down below... and what looked like an odd shaped satellite.

I was so excited to capture a satellite in my photograph that I took it to a good friend at Goddard Space Center just a few miles down the road.  He took one look at it and confiscated my camera, tossed me off the grounds, and had the FBI park a car outside my house for three weeks.  What kind of friend was that?

One day I ran into him at Bloom grocery store, which has the best grocery logo this side of Pennsylvania, and I asked him--firmly--why he did that?  He tried to go around my shopping cart, but I blocked him in between the Grade A eggs and organic honey.  Surprisingly, he just fainted.

I saw squirming under his arm, like a large larva getting ready to hatch.  The skin parted and out flew a honey bee, which tried to sting me before being exterminated by a helpful old lady with a can of mace.  My friend came to, "Mike!", he said dazed and startled, "how did I get here?"

By now the paramedics had showed and I told him the whole story about him taking my camera and the whole bit.  When I got to the honey bee, he jumped off the ambulance ledge and headed straight into his car.  I jumped in and we both sped to a Goddard.  His badge gave him access to a super-hush fourth-basement-level room.  "Mike, that honey bee is an alien invader who was controlling my body.  Your photograph must have had his ship in it and the alien tried to protect it."  My friend then looked directly at you, the reader, and with a solemn voice continued, "but he only succeeded in bringing about his doom."  An awkward moment of silence later, my friend and I jumped on a heavily armed plane headed to the alien's operating base--the Luxor Hotel pyramid in Las Vegas.

How did it end?  Well, I'm sitting in prison accused of murdering 12,000 innocent tourists.  That's what the bee aliens called their army, anyways.  Crazy that their home world was on Venus, I wouldn't have guessed.  After our attack on their base, all the people they've ever infected rose up to take over the planet.  Since I've never been stung, I never had one of their "agents" infect my body.  But as part of my punishment, I have to be stung by 10 agents who will control my every move while me and all the other human survivors rebuild pyramids across the Earth, just like our ancestors did during previous invasions in Cambodia, Mexico, Egypt, and elsewhere.  Our time to rise against them will come soon.  Oh yes, for the rumor is, the wasps of Mars have made their home in O'ahu and are getting ready to strike.

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Re: Story Telling Practice - Story Cubes

Post  Radialronnie on Mon Aug 05, 2013 3:43 am

Good Grief, this is awesome. When I saw those dice with the cute inscriptions on them, I immediately wanted to craft my own out of some river gems or something.

He tried to go around my shopping cart, but I blocked him in between the Grade A eggs and organic honey.


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